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Building associations with people is part of life. Most of us form strong friendships that produce our lives healthier and more happy. However, some friendships may become more harmful than they are simply helpful. It is critical to notice signs that your relationship is toxic so you don't let them affect you for the worse. Below are signs as a toxic friend in case you haven't realised it yet.

1. They seem to be to be focusing on the negative side of things always
Friends share the fluctuations of the lives with each other. However, how to spot toxic friends tend to always talk about how precisely anything that is bad without seeing the good. They tend to ignore all the good making you ignore it as well getting your feelings and drive down. It's important to help them out with their problems but also make sure it doesn't affect you adversely.

2. They never listen to all of your problems
They always call you when something is incorrect with them but never seem to get time for you when you have problems. They expect you to be there for them when something moves incorrect but are nowhere found when you need help. Friends who do this leave you feeling more unhappy than you understand.

3. These are quick to indicate your flaws
Integrity is important in any marriage, and friendships are no exception. However, it's when the honesty becomes relentless criticism of all you do that the relationship becomes toxic. You end up unable to talk to your good friend because you are frightened that they can point out everything you did wrong instead of offering you their support.

4. They get mad at you easily
It's correctly normal to see friction and also have arguments in your associations. Toxic friends seem to be to always get angry with you for the smallest things you do. Any argument as always leaves you feeling guilty and apologetic. Friends like this are toxic because they aren't able to workout problems in a mature way.

5. They aren't happy for your success
Friends who don't appreciate your success and celebrate with you are friends who are toxic to your life. People who love you'll be happy when they see your contentment. It's important for friends to be happy for each other and celebrate each other's good fortune to keep healthy, supportive relationships.

6.  They want to discuss themselves always
Friends like this seem to be talking about their accomplishments always. They never think to ask about you or your life, and it seems like they don't really care. Friends like this are bad for your life because you are still left by them sensing as if you are unimportant.

7. They don't care enough to keep in touch
Life is complicated. It is critical to recognize that sometimes people can't always call or speak to you however they are planning of you. However, interactions get toxic when the other person isn't thinking about you and makes no attempt to keep in contact. You end up being the only one trying, while they appear uninterested in maintaining the relationship. This is toxic because to truly have a healthy life you should engage in mutually fulfilling human relationships with people who care about you as much as you care about them.

8. They never consider your feelings
Friends who never consider how their words or activities affect you are toxic to be around. They do things to benefit themselves even if it means your feelings are being compromised. it's unhealthy to have people like this in your life because you should surround yourself with people who don't better themselves at the expense of others.

9. They pressure anyone to do things you do not wish to accomplish
If you are around them, they pressure you into doing things you aren't comfortable and make you feel just like a loser when you do not do them. It's good to be around people who encourage you to definitely try new things but it becomes spot toxic when they are forcing one to do things. You should be encouraged however, not required to try new things and re-locate of your safe place. Having to do anything has dire effects that makes connections like this toxic.

10. They aren't happy to change
Humans are changing constantly. Change is important in relationships. To keep up relationships and grow as people you should be in a position to change and adjust to each other with an extent that is beneficial to both of you. Friends who are occur their ways, which might not exactly be right necessarily, and don't attempt to change and expand are toxic to your daily life.